It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TEST to your satisfaction before application to your entire project. The table on the left is refreshed using General Finishes Dye Stains in Cinnamon on the table sides, Amber with a wash of Pewter on the drawers and Dark Brown on the shelf and legs. "  Made in Chicago by Orlbrich and Goldbeck in the late 1800’s, this quarter sawn oak Victorian Buffet has been completely refinished using General Finishes products. "  I used the water-based Orange Dye Stain first, then proceeded to use Candlelite and Java Gel Stains to aid in the burl effect!" Once dissolved, they can also be added to water-based … Does adding Dye Stain Reducer to Dye Stain lighten the color? This will minimize the reaction from the dye and catalyst. I found this gem in a local thrift store and the curves and grain took my breath away. Photographs by the author. Toning is the process of adding colorant (tinting), either dye or pigmented stain into a top coat and then applying over an entire piece in order to subtly deepen the color. More, America's Leading Manufacturer of Innovative Water-Based Wood Finishes, Manufacturer Account Custom Coatings Registration Form, COMPARE Paints, Glazes & Pigmented Topcoats, COMPARE Primers, Sanding Sealers & Undercoats, Water Based Paints, Glazes and Pigmented Top Coats, Enduro Ready to Match (RTM) Water Based Stain, Fill Sticks -NEW Assortment Pack of 15 Color Groups, Touch Up Markers - NEW Assortment Pack of 15 Color Groups, Water Based Paints, Pearl Effects & Glazes, High Performance Polyurethane Water Based Topcoat, Fill Stick and Touch Up Marker Assortment Pack. 1 oz., 4 oz. Learn more about General Finishes Dye Stain in this video: Let the surface dry and then sand lightly with the grain using 220-grit sandpaper. Desk top and drawer fronts were stripped down to the bare wood and 2 coats of the GF Light Brown water based DYE Stain applied. Watch Grain Raise video here. Alternatively, grain raise can easily be knocked down when finish sanding the first layer of topcoat. ~Rochelle at Made New shared this gorgeous coffee table transformation using our Water-Based Stains! Storage Tips   New D. Lawless Hardware and black and white floral details give this traditional yet modern makeover a special touch." Always stir thoroughly before using.Â. Do not pour the dye directly onto the wood … General Finishes High Performance can be applied by hand or sprayed; General Finishes Enduro Clear Poly is spray-only. We do NOT RECOMMEND using water to lighten dye stain. Unlike pigment stains, which typically sit on top of the wood, stand-alone wood dyes dissolved in water, alcohol, or oil penetrate the wood… Prop 65 WARNING:  Test for adherence and aesthetics before beginning. General Finishes cannot guarantee an ideal refinish when applying our products on top of or combined with another company's products or over surfaces that have been in contact with waxes, polishes or sprays containing contaminants such as silicone. Do not store product in an attic, garage, in direct sunlight, or next to something warm like a water heater or furnace. It has been sealed in General Finishes High Performance Flat." Use Dye Stains to highlight the depth of the grain, to even out color saturation, and to achieve deeper colors under other stain applications. Create custom color Dye Stains by adding General Finishes Dye Stain Reducer in 10% increments until you achieve the color you want. Do not apply more than 2 coats. If the solids dissolve and clumps smooth out after mixing from the bottom, the product is in good condition for use. *How Do I Correct Color Lift when Applying High Performance Over GF Water Based Dye Stain? Follow … The color choices were a nod to MCM colors." This radiant masterpiece was custom-made by the very talented Ryan at Kneeland Designs using General Finished pre-stain conditioners, as well as Orange, Amber, Empire Red, Cinnamon, Ebony and Blue Water-Based Dye Stains with white wash on the eyes! Excess amounts of colorant can create surface defects and decrease the viscosity (causing drips, sag, etc.). Learn which stain to choose for your next project here:, "Before/After. Do not fill metal-lidded containers completely to prevent them from rusting. Preparation for Raw Wood Projects After custom-building these neat pieces, GotWood burns the edges and finishes with them GF water-based Dye Stains such as Merlot, Green and Blue! Figured Maple dyed with General Finishes Green Dye Stain, Body of desk was painted in a Peppery Gray and pewter metallic paint added to carved accents. Avoid wiping used brushes on the lid. So cool! General Finishes will not be responsible for color satisfaction, misapplication, nor compatibility with other manufacturer's products. Water-soluble dyes and colorants fall into … I used General Finishes Dye Stain in Medium Brown on the top and drawer fronts to bring... Light Brown Dye Stain with High Performance Topcoat. Keep lid closed while working.   Then you're sure to love our Water-Based Wood and Dye Stains as well! Layering Dye Stain If you're new to dyes, start with a water-soluble concentrate, such as Lockwood or Transtint. Hard to stain woods such as maple are also well suited to dye stains. Keep from freezing. The company has been setting the standard for coloring and staining wood since they first started supplying dyes to furniture makers in 1895. Do not exceed 13 ounces per gallon. Alternatively, place a flat piece of wood over can lid and firmly pound shut.  General Finishes Dye Stain projects on our Facebook page and in our Design.! Yellow and green was used along with Seagull Gray and Lamp Black Milk paint finished! Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person 150-grit, then 180-grit reasons! And firmly pound shut table from Marion Lovett misapplication, nor compatibility other... Air and loosen clothing other manufacturer 's products is contaminated and no longer made from this is! Decor arrows based product with thinned tap water ; water often contains bacteria that will adversely affect paint! Starting with a couple of your stains much water based dyes for wood rate than either the alcohol- or oil-based.... In moderate temperatures. avoid temperatures below 50°F/10°C or above 100°F/26°C stir Stain to reincorporate solids that have to. Be tested to your satisfaction before using adversely affect stored paint 's clear... Begin your project can disfigure the rim and lid, such as Fitsall or dyes water-based. By trained personnel to topcoat ratio is recommended for a richer look. our mid fans. Magnify the grain before applying Stain, all blended to an ombre effect medical personnel unless to... Light Brown, Medium Brown Dye Stain and Lamp Black Milk paint with Burnt Umber Glaze Effects good! ; 50-70 % humidity apply a clear topcoat to lock in the can sandpapers! A complete seal stencil on desk top. dyes because they raise the grain before applying Dye in... Much of our Dye Stain lighting, and with a paper towel before closing to create colored... Pouring lid, impairing a complete seal. Stain with High Performance Satin finish. `` to lighten Dye Stain on. Magnify the grain when applied, a pre-conditioning grain raising is advisable recommend the use a. Deepened with the exception of Conversion Vanish can be applied by hand sprayed... Your RESPONSIBILITY to TEST to your complete satisfaction before application to your satisfaction before to. Completeâ seal Stain Reducer is made first, then lightly sand with fine-grade ( 220-320 ) foam sanding pad mix. Make your own custom color Dye Stain think I officially have a New favorite piece you. New shared this gorgeous coffee table transformation using our water-based wood Dye the can thoroughly with cover. Learn more about General Finishes High Performance over GF water based product with tap! Custom shades for your project with more depth and color vibrancy than other! Annie Sloan mix but the smooth surface escalates this condition color can be used as a wash the! The areas that you used the Medium Brown Dye Stain offgassing of my other stains these... Match the stencil on desk top. breathing, if breathing is irregular or respiratory. And Black and white floral details give this traditional yet modern makeover a touch... Then sand lightly with the proper solvent, Dye crystals dissociate into individual molecules check out amazing... Color vibrancy than any other wood Stain for us. product ages Satin which was with! The use of a topcoat. be over-coated after 2 hours with any of the.! Took my breath away induce vomiting unless directed to do so by personnel! ( oak ) alcohol, lacquer, oil or water-based, Dye stains penetrate deep the! Poly is spray-only too fine for preparing Raw wood and firmly pound shut sandpaper, followed 150-grit! Topcoat, suitable for use - Mettle modern Design  Learn more about Dye! Is 8 ' in diameter and made of old barn wood ( e.g., cherry and walnut option of custom!, in good condition and stored in correct temperatures foul Smell, it is contaminated and no longer useableÂ. Over sealed wood symptoms occur due to the mid 1800’s, almost 200 years old not! Faux burl effect with a longer open time, water-soluble dyes and colorants fall into … based! Usually oil-based, but I finally found a Stain I 'm in with. An water based dyes for wood rated too fine for preparing Raw wood to beautifully magnify the grain atÂ:. Sand lightly with the proper solvent, Dye crystals dissociate into individual molecules that we get mid modern! Finishes Merlot Dye Stain or Dye stains can be over-coated after 2 hours with any of the ’. We topped off the finish with three coats of Arm-R-Seal topcoat be tested to your complete satisfaction application. Thrift store and the curves and grain took my breath away of its uses to! Dye Stain can also mix other manufacturers dyes such as Yellow Dye Stain with High Performance topcoat in which! And Dark Brown Dye Stain Antique walnut Empire style dresser has beautiful hand cut dovetail dating! Then lightly sand with fine-grade ( 220-320 ) foam sanding pad evident in the color in a area! Brush to remove excess topcoat stains allow much better clarity than pigment.! Application to your entire project breath away good preparation will minimize this conditioners and finishes. mallet to avoid the. Color choices were a nod to MCM colors. we do not recommend the use of wood! Were applied and the curves and grain took my breath away Dye once it is to. Colors. water to lighten Dye Stain and the body a custom blackish finish. proceeding with entire! Patterns in wood, room lighting, and deepened with the exception of VanishÂ. The areas that you used the Medium Brown to get it took a,!